I'm Kennady Speir, a graduate from Louisiana Tech University in Graphic Design. I have a diverse set of interests, including roller skating, whitewater rafting, relaxing in hammocks, painting , and, of course,  graphic design! I'm a passionate about anything I put my mind to! 
 I have a keen eye for branding and logo creation, packaging design, and typographic design. I have honed my skills and developed a distinctive design style that blends creativity with strategic thinking. As you can see in the projects featured on my website, I love clean, modern aesthetics infused with whimsy elements and storytelling. I meticulously pick my color palettes to create visually appealing, memorable, and effective designs that communicate the desired message and resonate with the target audience. 
I have been fortunate to work with various companies, providing services such as branding and logo creation, social media graphics, digital ads, posters, and so much more! 
I'm excited to embark on a new journey to Florida to continue my commitment to learning and growing in the ever-evolving world of design.
Thanks for stopping by!
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